Modern and digital expense management

Jenji is the best solution for enterprises that need to control and optimize their expense management in realtime.

Free your employees from the time wasted manually creating their monthly expense reports. Jenji's mobile and web applications empower them to concentrate on their mission instead of administrative, labor-intensive tasks.

Give your managers efficient validation tools. With Jenji's collaborative platform, they can review expenses quickly and supervise efficiently their team spending.

Give your Finance team a solution that helps them automate the expense process completely, from initial submission down to ERP integration.

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You feel the current expense process is cumbersome and is not adapted anymore. With mobile and AI, there's an opportunity to make the process leaner, save time and reduce errors for everyone involved. Jenji is designed to enable you to snap a picture of a restaurant receipt and discard the paper original a few seconds after. You can also stop printing your PDF invoices, scanning documents, stapling them and giving them to the relevant person physically.

Jenji lets you use native, latest generation mobile and web apps to scan and submit your expenses in realtime, from your restaurant table or your cab.

Never risk losing a receipt again. Stop wasting your Sundays hunting down credit card slips!

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Managing teams also means reviewing and approving their expense claims every month, a thankless and time-consuming job. In between input errors, duplicates, having to understand some cryptic receipts, and all that in a time-bound fashion, the process is needlessly complex.

Jenji is an dedicated, efficient expense management solution for your enterprise. Even with high volumes of expenses to check, Jenji is designed to let you concentrate on the few expenses that look suspicious or out of policy, and takes care of the rest as per the enterprise expense policy. You can even review and approve expenses on the go, directly on your smartphone.

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Accounting Teams

Every month, the expense process is another hurdle for everyone involved, creating contention. Jenji enables you to solve this problem with its innovative, realtime and collaborative platform. Jenji brings you complete visibility over the whole process and data, enabling you to enforce the company policy and efficiently manage the end of the month.

Jenji makes the whole expense workflow lean, so you can reimburse faster employees and benefit from automatic integration into your accounting or ERP software. Jenji generates the ledger entries exactly the way you need them, including analytical reporting.

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You want to analyze and understand deeply your enterprise expense data in order to audit and optimize them. And yet, most expense management solutions stop at reimbursement and producing accounting records.

Jenji provides you with fine grained analysis of your financial data. More than a simple BI (Business Intelligence) tool, Jenji analyzes your expense flow and suggests actionable optimizations, as well as predictive data about employee or team budget consumption.

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Why choose Jenji for your enterprise?

An easy-to-use solution, intuitive and modern
Time savings for everyone
Immediate return on investment

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Jenji is a very easy and efficient way to streamline your expenses process. Thanks to Jenji, the Sales team saved time to concentrate on the sales opportunities! And time is money!

Christophe Bertrand

Christophe Bertrand

EMEA Sales Director

Enzo Life Sciences

In addition to a disconcerting ease of use, expenses are entered, validated and counted in our IT even for those who are at the other end of the world. We are no longer late and the budgets are up to date. This is an innovation that was immediately adopted by the teams.

Charles Hocde

Charles Hocde


Groupe Christian Défi

Before deciding, we contacted other expense market actors as Concur, Expensify or also Cleemy. But the quality of Jenji product answers our needs and it makes the difference for us!

Anh Thu Trinh

Anh Thu Trinh

Responsable Comptable