Jenji manages all expenses for all your employees. Save time and increase precision without changing your accounting processes.

Stop wasting time inputting and checking your expenses and your employees' expenses: all receipts and invoices are processed automatically in real-time and without error.

Jenji sur laptop et smartphones

Expenses input and processing

easy and fast

All expenses are reported and scanned in real time through a mobile app, with an email forward, on a shared drive, etc. Expenses are automatically recognized and processed in real time.

Scanned receipts have probative value, therefore keeping paper receipts no longer need to be kept.

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Review and approval


With its dynamic, real-time approval workflow, Jenji lets your managers review quickly and easily all expenses from their teams.

Your reimbursement and invoicing processes are more efficient and you can apply your internal expense policy while decreasing the risk of errors.

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Expenses scanning

Report and scan your expenses in real time from your smartphone (iOS or Android) or from your computer via a Web application. Simply shoot a photo of your receipt and our OCR recognition system will extract all accounting information.

Zero paper

Enter the full digital era with digital probative value. You no longer need to keep and archive your paper receipts. With the Jenji Vault option, you comply with latest regulations while storing your receipts in an electronic vault.


Simply manage your mileage reimbursement. Jenji automatically computes the amounts based on official values (or your specific values), your car type and the overall yearly mileage (multi-vehicle, Maps integration, repeat trips).


For your meals and invitations, you can track your teams' and your clients' invitations. Jenji connects to your staff database for HR reconciliation (vacation days, meal vouchers, etc.) and your external contact database.

Type of expenses

You can assign and track your employees' expenses based on the type of expense. Jenji customizes categories to define your internal expense policy (alerting thresholds) and to integrate with your accounting plan.

Expense tracking

You can assign and track your employees' expenses based on activity and context (division, client, project, etc.). Your employees add one or several tags to their expenses and that information is then available in all exports (CSV, Excel, PDF, accounting).

Corporate payment cards

You can track the expenses of your employees and partners that are paid with a company card. Jenji consolidates easily all your card statements (Visa, MasterCard, Amex) with your receipts and invoices.

Expenses invoicing

You can manage and track the invoicing of expenses to your clients. Jenji lets you assign a client code or project code to each expense. All the data and receipts can then be exported (Excel, PDF) and shared with your contacts.

Multi-country, multi-currency

If you have affiliates and teams in several countries, your employees can use mobile and web applications in their own language (English, French, Spanish, Italian and German). Jenji also lets you configure accounting rulesfor each subsidiary and each country (VAT rules).

Exchange rate

If your employees spend in foreign currencies, Jenji handles it all and automatically computes reimbursements in your reference currency. Jenji maintains and updates automatically exchange rates and you can even allow for bank/credit card fees.

Dropbox integration

You can easily tie your Dropbox account to your Jenji account and automate the upload of receipts and invoices from your computer.

Google Drive integration

You can easily tie your Google account to your Jenji account and automate the upload of receipts and invoices from your shared Drive.

Email forwarding

If you received invoices or receipts as email attachments, you can import them into Jenji by simply forwarding them to from your mailbox.

Enterprise collaboration suites

To make real-time collaboration easier, Jenji connects to your collaboration suite (Slack, Microsoft Teams, Facebook Workplace).

Approval workflow

Jenji uses the most efficient and sophisticated workflow on the market. With a DRAW (Dynamic Realtime Approval Workflow) approach, all managers and financial controllers waste no time with their approvals.

Budget tracking

If you need to synchronize your expenses with your budgets, Jenji performs and tracks this reconciliation in real-time, broken down by employee, team or subsidiary.


To facilitate your financial controlling, Jenji audits each expense item. You can track every associated event, from input to reimbursement to accounting integration.

Accounting records

No more need to manually input the accounting records for your employees expenses, Jenji produces them automatically in your books. You only need to configure your accounting plan, your third party accounts and your VAT rules and Jenji takes care of the rest.

Custom fields

Jenji's data model is fully customizable and lets you match your expenses to your business context. You can add your own analytical dimensions to track your teams, your employees and their expenses.

Custom alerts

Jenji's alerts are fully customizable and let you automate the tracking of your expense policy. You can easily configure your own internal validation rules.

Analysis and reporting

Jenji tracks and analyzes in real time all expenses flows in your enterprise. You can easily follow reimbursement and how they fluctuate over time, budget compliance, through integrated analysis and reporting tools.


Jenji was design to be fully configured through APIs. You can industrialize your expense processing by connecting all your sources (HR, ERP, CRM).

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Jenji is a very easy and efficient way to streamline your expenses process. Thanks to Jenji, the Sales team saved time to concentrate on the sales opportunities! And time is money!

Christophe Bertrand

Christophe Bertrand

EMEA Sales Director

Enzo Life Sciences

In addition to a disconcerting ease of use, expenses are entered, validated and counted in our IT even for those who are at the other end of the world. We are no longer late and the budgets are up to date. This is an innovation that was immediately adopted by the teams.

Charles Hocde

Charles Hocde


Groupe Christian Défi

Before deciding, we contacted other expense market actors as Concur, Expensify or also Cleemy. But the quality of Jenji product answers our needs and it makes the difference for us!

Anh Thu Trinh

Anh Thu Trinh

Responsable Comptable