Jenji Vault

Free yourself from paper receipts!
Your whole expense process can now legally go paperless, and let you reap the ROI benefits.
Employees can now discard the paper originals instead of wasting time printing, stapling them, giving them physically to their managers, and again from management to Accounting.

Easier for your teams

Scan receipts with the Jenji app and throw them away.
Get rid of manual transmission and archival so you can gain time for everyone involved in the expense process, each month.

Meet regulatory requirements

Receipts are automatically processed and stored in a fiscally compliant way for your country.
Details vary for different fiscal administrations, but it nearly always involves a specific open format for digital receipts, like PDF/A, and a specific way of processing then storing them to avoid any tampering.
Jenji Vault uses the best available local provider in order to secure the whole chain in your jurisdiction.

Safer and simpler for audit

Make the process 100% digital, so that further audits and checks are efficient.
The complete audit trail for all operations in Jenji is always available so that you can trace everything.
With Jenji Vault, the audit trail is enriched with the receipt digital signatures and timestamps that are required by your fiscal jurisdiction, so as to abide by the relevant country laws. Contact us for details in your country.

Available in select countries

Jenji Vault is available in France, Switzerland and Luxembourg, and pending fiscal validation in other countries.
We're constantly adding new regions, so please contact us for details in your fiscal country of residence.
Want to know more about Jenji Vault in your country?
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Jenji is a very easy and efficient way to streamline your expenses process. Thanks to Jenji, the Sales team saved time to concentrate on the sales opportunities! And time is money!

Christophe Bertrand

Christophe Bertrand

EMEA Sales Director

Enzo Life Sciences

In addition to a disconcerting ease of use, expenses are entered, validated and counted in our IT even for those who are at the other end of the world. We are no longer late and the budgets are up to date. This is an innovation that was immediately adopted by the teams.

Charles Hocde

Charles Hocde


Groupe Christian Défi

Before deciding, we contacted other expense market actors as Concur, Expensify or also Cleemy. But the quality of Jenji product answers our needs and it makes the difference for us!

Anh Thu Trinh

Anh Thu Trinh

Responsable Comptable